There Be Pirates In Them There Waters

The Lake Queen at Main Street Lake CruisesThe beauty of the Ozarks is a truly beautiful sight to behold. There is no better place to witness that then floating down Lake Taneycomo on a sightseeing cruise provided by Main Street Lake Cruises. The waterways in the Ozarks have some amazing stories attached to them. Up in the bluffs, you can see the area where Al Capone would set up his hideout to keep watch. He was able to look out across the wide area and see in advance any approach from government officials.  With Baldnobbers and bandits all over the history of the Ozark Mountains, it’s no surprise that we have found that lately there has been an appearance of pirates in the area.

The Lake Queen fights Pirates off on Lake TaneycomoNever fear, Main Street Lake Cruises has come up with a way to deal with that pesky problem from the upper deck of the Lake Queen. The Queen is a vintage style paddleboat that was often seen traveling the waters of the White River. The Lake Queen has encountered bands of pirates sneaking up on them in past cruises; so, they have devised a special weapon to help fend off those scoundrels of the riverways. On the tail of the boat, we have water cannons equipped to handle the approaching onslaught. The video below will show you more on that fabulous contraption that packs a wallop so scare off those scallywags.

Check our calendar to see what cruise works best for you. It will surely be a great time for you and your friends or family. Regardless of your age, you are going to love this awesome cruise brought to you by Main Street Lake Cruises, on Main Street Marina. Give us a call at 417-239-3980 and we will be happy to answer your questions and make reservations for this fantastic sightseeing cruise.

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A Date With The Lake Queen – Main Street Lake Cruises

The Lake Queen at Main Street Lake Cruises There is no better way to see the beauty of the Ozarks than aboard the Lake Queen on Lake Taneycomo. Experience first hand what it felt like to travel the White River Basin on a vintage paddleboat recreated by Main Street Lake Cruises on Main Street Marina! This 100-foot paddle boat is a replica of thoThe Display of beauty from the Lake Queense boats that traveled up and down the banks before the dam systems were created to establish the existing lakes in the region. Right now the leaves are beginning to change and the colors come alive before your eyes on this fabulous sightseeing cruise.

A Day On the Queen

From the moment you walk onto the deck of the Queen, you will realize you are in for something special as you see the attention to detail you will find on this boat. The courteous and professional staff are ready to make sure you have everything you need for the cruise. There is always a delicious meal available for purchase as well as a full bar to make sure you have just the right cocktail in your hand for the trip along the water. Check out our seasonal drink menu! For the next couple of hours prepare to take in the amazing scenery while one of our Captains lets you in on all the stories and secrets that the area holds regarding Lake Taneycomo and the Ozarks area.

There is fun to be had for the whole family on one of our Lake Queen cruises. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, there is so much to learn about the area. The crew of the Lake Queen will make sure all of the kids have an amazing time as well. There is a rumor that pirates and other scallywags lurk along the waters and every kid will become responsible for making sure the boat stays safe by learning to activate and fire the powerful water cannons equipped aboard the Queen’s stern. Your kids will feel like celebrities on the Lake Queen; we are so happy to have them on board!.

There is a climate controlled cabin below and a beautiful sun deck above. There is always plenty of shade on those warm and sunny days! We want you to be comfortable aboard our cruises.

Captain Gus with a curious passenger aboard the Lake Queen
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We have a great time on our cruises, but it’s always better with you there!  Charters are also available for reunions and business meetings. Main Street Lake Cruises pulls out all the stops for their guests. If you have a special request, speak to your representative about them and they will make sure your package is designed with you in mind.

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