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80's night at The Paddlewheel in Branson
5 October 2018
The Paddlewheel at Main Street Marina is always looking for an excuse to party! As always, you   are always[...]
Shamrock the Dock at The Paddlewheel
10 August 2018
St. Patrick's Day at The Paddlewheel was a complete blast earlier this year! If you weren't able to make it[...]
ShoFight at Main Street Marina
4 August 2018
ShoFIGHT returns to Main Street Marina on the Branson Landing with our 99th Event, another HUGE Outdoor Kickboxing Event. On[...]
Open Mic Night at the Paddlewheel
4 August 2018
There are many places that have entertainment on the weekends; however, The Paddlewheel has something for you all week. In[...]
Hot Times and Cooler Nights
16 July 2018
Have you been down to Main Street Marina since summer has started? Summer, so hot and humid, changes down on[...]
DJ Christian Guerrero at The Paddlewheel
9 July 2018
 One of the cool things about Branson, Missouri is the large melting pot of people that arrive here. It's not[...]
18 June 2018
As summer kicks into full swing, The Paddlewheel continues to give you great opportunities to enjoy your time with family[...]
2 June 2018
In the last post, we mentioned the great things ramping back up every Tuesday at The Paddlewheel, but the fun[...]
23 April 2018
Branson, Missouri has been host to one of the best MMA events in the country, and for the first time,[...]