Rock the Dock with LoveBomb

Rock The Dock at The Paddlewheel with LovebombSurprise!!! They’re back!!! The Lovebomb power trio based out of Branson, MO is playing your favorite 90’s & 00’s party rock songs with a modern, powerful sound and vocal harmonies.

Rock the Dock with Brother Troy

Brother Troy at The Paddlewheel You’re always in for a good time when Brother Troy is around. He is a local with a love for entertaining people through music & stories. He has something for everyone in his style of music and is likely to have you ROCK THE DOCK as you roll with laughter and dance the night away. Well… What are you waiting for? Come on down and enjoy the music!

Rock the Dock with Charlie Mellinger

Charlie Mellenger at The Paddlewheel Charlie Mellinger will be bringing out a mix of eclectic acoustic folk and Americana that you won’t want to miss! Come out and ROCK THE DOCK!

Rock the Dock with Art Bentley

Art Bentley at The Paddlehwheel

Art Bentley plays Country, Soul, Blues, & Jazz. He plays many of his original tunes with a healthy dose of covers creating an amazing one of a kind experience.

You’ll feel as if you know him with the stories he sings in his music. He has been out to Rock the Dock at The Paddlewheel several times and has developed quite a following in the area

Rock the Dock with The Mixtapes

Rock The Dock with The Mixtapes at The Paddlewheel If you’ve seen them, you love them. If you haven’t seen them, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Come out and Rock the Dock with The Mixtapes! This will be a concert you will NOT WANT TO MISS! The Mixtapes are a ’90s-alternative cover band that is consistent in putting on an incredible show. See you on the dock!